Metal fabrication for Electronics applications

Specialized metal enclosures for kiosks and electromechanical assembly for the electronics market.

Metal Fabrication for Large Electronics Assemblies

Accu-Fab serves the electronics manufacturing market with precision to ensure high quality, durable products tailored to meet industry demands. We fabricate specialized sheet metal enclosures, chassis, panels and component racks for the electronics market, including for self-service kiosks, inventory management vending machines, and 3-D printing and additive manufacturing equipment. Full-service electromechanical assembly and contract manufacturing services allow us to offer comprehensive solution for a range of electronic equipment manufacturers’ requirements.

Metal capabilities to take on any Electronics project

At Accu-Fab, we go above and beyond to meet our customers' dynamic contract manufacturing demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How quickly can Accu-Fab manufacture parts?

    Accu-Fab takes pride in partnering with our customers to find effective solutions for your supply chain. We work closely and honestly with our customers to align on delivery schedules and prevent line-down situations. Contact us to get a customized solution for your next project’s requirements.

  • Can I visit your manufacturing facility?

    Absolutely! We welcome visits to our manufacturing facility in Raleigh, NC. Seeing our operations firsthand offers a valuable perspective on how we maintain the highest standards in our production processes. To arrange a visit, please contact us.

  • What level of engineering support can Accu-Fab provide?

    At Accu-Fab, we often begin working with customers in the “napkin phase”. Our experts in Design for Manufacturability can help with prototyping, cost management and driving efficiency to ensure we can manufacture the most value into your metal components or assemblies. We also offer full PPAP and FAI support.

  • How do you handle fluctuating materials markets?

    We are proud of our effective communication and strong customer partnerships, so Accu-Fab continues to work closely with customers when markets are volatile. We align with customers to adjust pricing on a cost basis when markets or price indices fluctuate.

  • What materials does Accu-Fab typically work with?

    Accu-Fab’s metal fabrication expertise spans a range of materials, including hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized, galvannealed, aluminum and stainless.

  • What are Accu-Fab’s quality performance goals?

    Accu-Fab’s internal quality goal is to remain below the industry benchmark of 300 DPPM. We also work directly with customers to successfully achieve lower DPPM performance if quality goals are different from our benchmark.

  • What quality certifications does Accu-Fab have?

    Accu-Fab is registered to ISO 9001:2015, and compliant to ISO 14001:2015.

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  3. Success

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