Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication with Proven Process Control

Accu-Fab consistently delivers high-quality contract manufacturing and metal fabrication services that meet stringent customer requirements. Our total cost of quality remains at or below 1% of sales, well below standard industry benchmarks. This level of quality holds true whether it’s active production, new product development or a quick-turn prototype.

Our ISO 9001:2015-certified processes support our commitment to meeting customer requirements. We subject each production lot to rigorous laser inspection. Team leaders and in-process inspectors perform recurring dimensional and visual checks. A certified operator or team leader reviews and approves the first piece of every production run. Accu-Fab’s Receiving & Final Inspection department vets all incoming and outgoing materials before use or shipment, using sampling procedures and equipment calibration systems that meet specific military standards.

Accu-Fab’s Quality Policy

Accu-Fab pledges to manufacture defect-free products and to provide exceptional service, on time and on budget.

The appropriate operating procedures shall be followed to ensure that only high-integrity products are delivered to our customers.

Individual employees will devote themselves to cultivating a personal commitment to quality and a philosophy of continuous improvement in all they do.

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